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Warrick Brown

a different kind of knight

17 June 1970
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Warrick Brown was born in Vegas, raised in Vegas, lived his whole life in Vegas, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He loves the city and she loves him, the way only a working girl nursed on hope and desperation can love. He's ridden her Wheel of Fortune so many times he's on a first-name basis with the operator, and he knows what most people never figure out: only the house has winning odds.

Like his lady, Warrick has a cool, seductive exterior. He charms with Saturday morning sleepy eyes and a jazz club gentleman's sex appeal that make it easy to miss the brilliant criminologist who can get a print off air. He stands at 6'2", roughly 195 lbs, has gorgeous green eyes all the more arresting for his skin tone, and wears his hair in short dreads.

He arrives on the island from the final moments of CSI, 8x17, "For Gedda," after the shot is fired and before it strikes, bringing with him:

* dun-brown button-down shirt with GSR
* silver wrist watch, linked band, crystal face
* dark but faded blue jeans
* boxers
* brown leather belt
* brown leather boots
* dark shirt jacket
* wallet with driver's license, id badge, visa and american express cards
* billfold with two hundred forty bucks in cash

[i'm not warrick brown or gary dourdan, and this is all just for pretendy funtime games at the_blank_slate.]